Breast Lift

Return a youthful shape to breasts that have lost volume and firmness

A woman’s breasts may lose their natural shape and firmness as a result of aging, heredity, pregnancy, breastfeeding, or weight loss. Dr. Kitto performs breast lift procedures designed to counteract these effects, elevating and shaping the breasts to give them a more youthful appearance. Our procedure can be completed in conjunction with breast augmentation surgery.

Our breast lift procedure is ideal for women whose breasts have lost shape or volume. It is also important that breast lift candidates are physically healthy, maintain a stable weight, and do not smoke.

There are several incision methods that can be used when performing a breast lift, and the technique we choose will depend on your breast size and shape, the degree of sagging, amount of excess skin, and the condition of your skin. Dr. Kitto will make the necessary incisions, will lift and reshape the breast tissue into its new contour. The procedure takes no longer than three hours to perform. Once the desired lift is achieved, incisions are closed with either stitches, tissue adhesive, or surgical tape. Scars will mature and fade over time.

After your breast lift surgery, you will be transported to our comfortable recovery room where you will slowly wake up from the anesthesia in the company of our caring staff. Post-surgical effects may include bruises, swelling, and discomfort. Any numbness in the breasts and nipples should lessen as the swelling subsides. Stitches are removed after two weeks, at which time you may return to work

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