Skin Care

Remove dead skin to reveal the younger, brighter you

Regular exposure to the sun and the natural aging process take their toll on your skin. Kitto Plastic Surgery’s medical-grade skin care treatments and non-invasive cosmetic procedures help prevent and reverse the signs of aging skin.

The skin goes through a natural shedding process called desquamation. But as we age, this natural shedding process slows down, and collagen production and the skin’s natural moisture level also decline. In addition, the subcutis fat begins to thin and facial muscles begin to droop.

The good news is that you can do something about premature aging. Peeling is a process that involves artificially removing the outer layer of skin to speed up the body’s natural skin renewal process. The skin grows back without replicating many of the problems that have developed during its life, such as fine lines, sun damage, or dark spots. Dr. Kitto offers an array of facial peels which are customized based on each patient’s needs.

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