Endoscopic Brow Lift

Restore the skin above the eyes to its original, attractive position

Brow lift surgery is performed on patients who are unsatisfied with the appearance of their forehead, a region that can impact the way the entire face looks. Dr. Kitto performs endoscopic brow lift which is less invasive than the traditional method since it involves smaller incisions and translates into quicker recovery.

Brow lifts are usually performed on mid-aged patients, but people with lined or inelastic skin on the forehead are also eligible for the surgery. Patients who wish to undertake endoscopic brow lift surgery should be in good physical health and not have conditions that could increase the risks and hinder the healing process.

Unlike the traditional brow lift procedure, Dr. Kitto will only make three to five short incisions behind the hairline. The endoscope is placed in one incision, so she can see beneath the skin without having to cut a large incision. Dr. Kitto will then lift the skin and adjust the muscles through the other incisions. The entire surgery typically takes no longer than two hours.

Side effects during the first few days may include bruising and swelling around the incision areas, and possible headaches. Full recovery takes around two weeks, although our staff will check up on you during follow-up visits and provide more advice for recovery based on your progress.

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This gentleman who was in his 60’s was unhappy with the appearance of his forehead and brows. He felt that he looked tired even though he has had a full night sleep. He underwent an endoscopic browlift, which rejuvenated his forehead by removing the wrinkles between his eyes and on the outer corner of his eyes, and overall giving him a brighter more refreshed look. The pictures are before surgery and 2 months after his surgery.