Turn back the biological clock and restore your youthful appearance

Kitto Plastic Surgery offers a range of injectables to enhance and revitalize the appearance of your skin. Our injectables relax the muscles, prevent skin from causing wrinkles, and make you look younger. While they don’t necessarily stop the aging process, our injectables are great options if you’re dissatisfied with the lines and wrinkles on your face.

We offer three types of injectables

Botox smoothens wrinkles and lines that become more visible with facial expression as you age. Dr. Kitto will inject Botox directly into the muscles beneath your facial skin to relax the muscles, smoothing the lines created by contraction in the injected area. A single treatment can last up to four months and side effects are usually temporary and mild.

Dysport is ideal for treating crow’s feet and lines in the forehead and between the eyes. This type of injectable contains small molecules, which deliver faster results. You may notice facial changes in as little as three days with Dysport.

Xeomin has no additives, which means there is less risk of your body forming antibodies to resist it. You should notice results within the first three to four days after the treatment. Xeomin lasts about as long as other facial injectables do.

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