Male Breast Reduction

Remove excess tissues to flatten and enhance the contour of your chest

Male breast reduction is a surgical procedure designed to treat gynecomastia, a medical condition characterized by the presence of abnormally large breasts in men. This procedure is extremely effective and results in flatter breasts with a smooth contour to the chest.

Ideal candidates are generally men who feel self-conscious about their appearance, are emotionally stable and physically healthy, and possess firm, elastic skin.

Dr. Kitto will use a specialized laser to make small incisions in the armpit area. Glandular tissues are either removed or sculpted, leaving enough for a chiseled contour. Surgical dressing and a compression garment are then wrapped around your chest to reduce swelling. The procedure can be completed in approximately two hours.

You will feel tired and sore for several days following the surgery, but can usually return to work within three days. However, full recovery, including resuming rigorous exercise routines, may take between three to four weeks.

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