I started searching for specialists not only in facial plastic reconstruction but also one specializing in the eye area. After going to several counsels and referrals, I had become convinced that I would have to go to a large city elsewhere, possibly even another country. Dr. Kitto was my last counsel. I had also done a lot of research and was pretty knowledgable of what I may need. I went not having high exceptions if any. For a doctor, be so young and gorgeous, I was very impressed right away with her. After a thorough conversation and reviewing my charts she was genuinely concerned that I had six surgeries in less than six months and wanted to make sure that her work would be as close to perfect as possible for me to not have any more operations. I did not hesitate to schedule the procedure with her.

As soon as I sat down, I realized she was unique and genuine. Her kindness shines through, and you get the sense that she really understands and cares for you and your situation. I can’t say enough how grateful I am to her for giving me back my eye and really my life. I feel like myself again, and I could never thank her enough. I feel so fortunate to have a doctor like her in our sub what small city. Definitely a gem, and if I ever need any work done on my face, I will not hesitate to have her be the one.